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Jr. Lease program registration ends for the 21-22 season November 15, 2021!

Putnams Kids Equipment Lease program

 –> We accept trades of used skis, ski boots, snowboards and snowboard boots and we don’t care where you purchased them!
–>We pay cash for used equipment* as long the bindings are indemnified and snowboards and boots are less than 5 years old.
used ski equipment
–> Need your boots tweaked, punched, heat-molded, or in need of new footbeds?  C’mon by!!!
–> We have XC ski equipment in stock.
–> Get to PUTNAMS for all your snowsports needs,
then run to the hills and enjoy the snow!

Putnam Sports frequently runs in-store sales.
If not posted here, just COME ON IN and see what’s new!

With the fabulous service you receive from Putnams, that’s better than ANY deal!

Winter sport glasses, helmet and gloves, isolated on white

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